Employer FAQ’s

Employer FAQ’s

The amount of time it takes for us to place a candidate depends on a number of variables including your selectiveness, your availability and your hiring process. While we can’t promise a specific hiring timeline, we know that most IT professionals are in high demand and the best candidates don’t last on the market very long. Therefore our G12 Staffing process is as agile as possible to get you the best candidates quickly.

Unlike many staffing firms, G12 Staffing prides ourselves on only providing you with highly qualified and screened candidates (we won’t bury you with garbage resumes). Our screening process varies by role but typically consists of interviews, technical skill review, background jobs, reference checks, and more.

The background check process that we perform on candidates depends on your job requirements, but we can provide 3rd testing and verification for criminal records, employment and education verification.

G12 Staffing stands behind the quality of all our candidates, but we understand that sometimes there’s not a good fit. In the rare cases where this happens, G12 Staffing will work with you to find a suitable replacement ASAP.

Some of our clients ask us to provide “payrolling” services in situations where they found a candidate but can’t hire them direct for a variety of reasons. In these situations, G12 Staffing can payroll your candidate through our services.