Diversity Recruiting

Diversity Recruiting

Many businesses understand the benefits and value of hiring a diverse workforce, however hiring managers still struggle to fill open positions with an appropriate number of diverse candidates. According to one recent survey, 59% of companies state there’s a shortage of diverse candidates. So if your company aspires to hire a diverse workforce, but you’re not seeing the results you want…how can hiring managers achieve their diversity hiring goals?

Audit and benchmark your current hiring process
How well does your company support diversity hiring? Do you measure diversity as part of your recruiting measure? Does your company have a written diversity hiring policy? What goals and targets do you aspire to?

Increase the number of diversity candidates in sourcing
How many diversity candidates make it in your consideration set? If you’re not attracting enough candidates, what corrective actions and steps will you take to make improvements? What’s your ratio of “inbound” versus “passive” candidates? Do your current sourcing tools and resources prioritize finding diverse candidates? Do sourcing professionals use techniques such as “blind resumes” that eliminate resume information that
can lead to unconscious (or conscious) bias about the candidate?

59% of companies state there's a shortage of diverse candidates

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Increase the number of diversity candidates on shortlists
How many diverse candidates appear on your shortlists? Do you follow the “Two in the Pool” rule? Do you consider what candidates might add to your culture, versus how they conform to it? Is your interview panel diverse itself?

We find that most businesses want to achieve these diversity hiring goals, but they struggle to achieve them entirely by themselves. However, G12 Staffing can work with your business to leverage our best practices and 3rd party tools and resources to help your company achieve your hiring goals. Please contact us today to learn more.